helpful to understand

1.     Co-Education is the only way to make mutual understanding between these Genders which is helpful to choose their spouses. It is very helpful to understand ideas of each other’s positively. When we take things positively will be very helpful in changing the world.

bonding and understanding

Because of coeducation we are becoming confident & we share our ideas, beliefs and knowledge between each other that will help in future life to have good social bonding and understanding. Because of coeducation women are keeping pace with men because education make them confident and aware about the practical life.

building blocks

The teachers are the building blocks of the future of students without teachers students are neglected behaviors in the society. To make successful in lives we should respect our teacher which are devoting for us our lives. We can say that the respect of teachers is the cause of success in the life because respect of elders is the key to success in practical life.